Jessica is an organizer & artist living in Los Angeles

Resumes: Employment | Organizer | Artist

Awakened by the reality of police violence in America in 2015, and from depression that followed, Jessica was brought into political organizing through Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign.

Sanders’ directive in 2016, following the Democratic primary, was for people to “get local” and “stay engaged in the political process”. In the summer of 2016, Jessica filed to run for Los Angeles City Council, District 13. Two weeks after the City Council primary, of March 2017, Ground Game LA was founded. The 501(c)4 organization focuses on issue-based coalition work and movement-building, electoral campaigns within Los Angeles city.

Jessica has worked for non-profits, for a labor union and for the City of Los Angeles. The thread connecting this journey has been one of deep acknowledgement of our failing institutions. Within this stark reality, there remains hope; in building new systems that honor all of life on this shared planet.

Hope lies in our understanding of the harm we have caused. Hope lies in our embrace of the pain that accompanies this realization, and in the fortitude we carry to keep going. The choice to live, the choice to build systems of equity and dignity, the choice to create from a space of shared healing, to give oxygen to exhausted embers of artistic pursuit, to choose to be regenerative, alive; to connect with earth, with each other, with our brave, absurd and beautiful imaginative ideas, all while continuing to hold space for the very real and ingrained injustices around us.

This duality is a process and a journey. It is painful and hard. To acknowledge this, and to acknowledge it without end, but as a continuation— of birth and death, of big life in between— is our greatest source of resilience. To process grief, to mourn and accept, to offer vulnerability and despair, to embrace fault and imbalance, to strive for joy, to remember patience and presence, to anchor in love, to be rooted in compassion. This is our work. This is our struggle. May we choose it everyday.