Jessica is experienced in training actors in contemporary and classical  text, breath and movement work.

Also available for public speaking coaching or consultation for producers and directors.

$20/hour in Hollywood or $30/hour at artist's location-of-choice.


"Whether you are attempting to take your singing to the next level, are trying to access new pitches and tones as an actor, or are wondering if breathing and posture can really strengthen your voice, Jessica is the woman for you! Bringing life and energy to each session, Jessica takes the time to really get to know you as a person and to understand your goals, which makes her training highly customized and flexible. I initially sought out Jessica for vocal training in theater but as my goals changed to singing and later public speaking, our sessions were modified to my new aspirations (which someone lacking Jessica’s diverse professional background would not be able to accomplish so seamlessly). Jessica’s sessions have helped me with public speaking, singing, and acting—but moreover, her emphasis on breathing and the process of becoming present and mindful to yourself as a person has changed who I am and how I see myself, forever. I recommend her without a single reservation!" -Eliana Roberts


"Working with Jessica as a director was a dream from the moment I sat down across from her to read the role.  Her insight into what the piece could become was utterly visionary - it turned out to be one of the projects I am most proud of & miss fondly.  Her incredible ability to give herself over to her passion projects is inspiring & trickled down to every member of our cast & crew.  She worked tirelessly & fearlessly to hear out every single one of our ideas, concerns & thoughts.  She went above & beyond to make sure that all of our needs were met so we could focus solely on the acting required of us.  Every bit of my experience with her felt like home - we were not just working together, we became family.  I cannot recommend her highly enough as a collaborator for any work that requires heart, creativity, guidance and support. - Tania Verafield


"It's no exaggeration that Jessica Salans changed my life. By taking a chance on a green-stage actor in a play she was directing, she gave me the confidence and tools to successfully play my role. She got to know my strengths and weaknesses and knew exactly how to handle me. It's a gift she has. I remember rehearsing a monologue in front of her and I was about as engaging as pigeon shit on a statue. She stopped me and simply said, "Go through the monologue, line by line, and think about WHO you are talking to." It completely blew my mind. I scored my script, took her advice and my next rehearsal was a revelation!  As a human being she has boundless energy and passion. Her commitment is similar to that of a motivated character in action. Watching Jessica (the human) is like watching a great play: she is engaging, instinctive and so much damn fun. Of course, acting isn't just about being good on stage or screen, it's about living an honest life and accessing your true emotions. Jessica has given me this gift and I am forever grateful. I can't recommend her to aspiring actors enough. Anyone would be lucky to access her empathy, experience and energy." -Daniel Maggio